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When it comes to your giving your loved one living with memory loss the best care, you’re in the right hands! Everyone should live life to the fullest; everyone should experience security, joy, comfort, laughter, and love, those living with memory loss include. Therefore, we strive every day to ensure that your loved one lives a fulfilling life, and experiences all the love, laughter, and comfort our community provides.

Why do we stand out from other memory loss assistance centers out there?

We follow a unique and individualized approach to caring for our friends (not patients). We call this approach Love Life Again. This approach is more than just caring for our friends and keeping them safe. It begins by learning all we can about the memories that are important to them, including family, career, achievements, hobbies, and interests. With this knowledge, we proceed to create a personalized care plan that revolves around these memories, and so keep them in touch with the life they knew, creating more memories, wonder, and delight for our friends every day.

Blissful Living Is Setting The Standard In Caring For Seniors With Memory Loss

One of life’s gifts to us is the ability to remember cherished moments of our life. For people living with memory loss, this becomes a challenge and a difficult path to journey through for the rest of their lives. But at Blissful living, all hope is not lost. We believe that our friends entrusted in our care can Love Life Again. We believe that the capacity to live a beautiful life and experience joy, laughter, and create new memories isn’t lost.

On this belief is our Love Life Again program anchored. So we go beyond just providing basic care and safety for our friends. We learn about those moments and memories of their lives and revolve their care around them. This makes our care program highly individualized, giving our staff the opportunity to create real moments that resonate physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with each resident.

Our unique approach to caring for our residents, allows caregivers to see residents beyond their current condition. By using the Love Life Again program, caregivers see residents (or our friends as we like to call them), for the exceptional individual they are and are able to establish a bond with each resident. This foundation breeds trust and helps each resident thrive and create new memories.

4 Distinct Living And Care Programs

At Blissful Living, we provide 4 distinct living and care programs that seniors and their loved ones can choose from to meet their needs.

Why Choose A Blissful Living Dementia Special Care Center?

Everyone deserves to enjoy life and experience just as much love from their loved ones even as they age. While caring for a loved one with memory loss can be challenging as a family member, Blissful living helps you ensure they live life to the fullest in an environment of exceptional care.

Our care programs are designed around your loved one’s life, so still get to create beautiful memories and experience care, love, comfort, and security. We take this a step further by actually befriending our residents, bonding with them, and creating the trust needed for them to thrive in their new environment.

Additionally, our care programs are competitively priced. So you’re sure you are getting the best but most affordable care out there. There are no sudden spikes in fees whatsoever. Everything is communicated in a clear and straightforward manner.

Plus, we know firsthand about a thing or two of what you might be going through. Blissful Living is a family-founded company, with its founders having a fair share of taking care of their loved ones with memory loss.

Blissful Living Volunteering Opportunities

At blissful leaving, we offer volunteers the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of those around them. We are ecstatic when volunteers come around to assist us in creating cherished moments and memories for our friends in our care. For more information about volunteering opportunities available, kindly click on the learn more button below.

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