Memory Loss Assistance

We offer residents a variety of amenities, and opportunity for social activities to give them a wholesome experience, keeping them active and engaged daily. Visit out community today, or speak to an expect to find out more

Dementia Care or Care For Seniors With Memory Loss

At Blissful living, everything we do revolves around your loved one, including their emotional needs and feelings. We utilize our Love Life Again program to create a familiar atmosphere for your loved one to be secure and experience love and comfort.

With Blissful Living’s care program individually designed for those living with memory loss, we incorporate past memories, routines, and patterns into their everyday life. We begin by learning about their cherished moments, family, career, hobby, and interests, and then design their care around those. This provides a secure, warm and loving environment for your loved one that includes family and friends.

Blissful Living encourages you and other family members to partake in the various activities we offer at our care center.

Active Daily Living

We offer lots of amenities, activities, and programs to keep our residents engaged and active every day. These include opportunities for holiday celebrations and family get-togethers, movie nights, arts and craft classes, music classes, gardens, walking paths, etc. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our memory loss care service and how we offer the best care possible.

Blissful Living Care Services For Seniors With Memory Loss

We offer the following service to ensure our residents get the best quality of life in a loving environment even if they are away from home. We begin with an initial home visit and assessment to determine and design the best care for your loved one.

Our care service is divided into 4 distinct areas

Blissful Living Care

  • Highly trained staff in Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other cognitive impairment to assist residents, while encouraging them to live independently.
  • Personalized care plans designed around the life and memories of each resident
  • Social and recreational activities for active and engaged daily living
  • Medication management includes ordering, storage, and administration of prescribed medications
  • Constant communication with family, personal physician, or others about the care of each resident


  • Attractively decorated and comfortable living rooms, bedrooms, activity rooms, and conversation areas.
  • Phone outlets and TVs in all rooms
  • Fresh linen and towels every day
  • Routine housekeeping and maintenance
  • Secured and beautiful yard, garden, and walk paths
  • Round the clock electronic security and availability of staff

Meal and Nutrition

  • Three servings of nutritious meal every day consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, cereals, milk and dairy products, lean meats, proteins, etc.
  • Snacks and adequate hydration throughout the day
  • Accommodation of prescribed special diets

Social and Recreational Activities

  • Regular social events with friends and family
  • Variety of activities including gardening, baking,  arts and craft, games, exercises, etc.
  • Exercise
  • Educational programs
  • Support groups

Blissful Living 5 Cornerstones to Enhancing Residents’ Quality of Life

At Blissful Living, we strive to create an environment of care where our residents will thrive and not just survive. To achieve this, we follow a distinct and unique care program – Love Life Again – that is designed to create a familiar environment for residents to experience love, comfort, and security. This unique program is dynamic and evolves to accommodate the needs of our residents as their cognitive ability changes over the months and years.

Our program is designed to meet our residents at every of their disease stages, providing them the support and environment they need to keep thriving safely at their highest potential.

The following cornerstones help us achieve these.

Blissful Living 5 Cornerstones to Enhancing Residents’ Quality of Life

Personalized Memory Loss Care

The foundation for our program is by creating a care plan that is designed around a resident’s life. This usually includes cherished memories, family, hobbies, and interests. All staff members involved with a resident try as much as possible to provide interactions based on the resident’s life story.  These interactions could be scheduled or unscheduled and can happen many times during each day.

The goal of this approach is to provide a familiar environment for all residents to thrive and function at their highest level.

Restaurant Worthy Dining

When it comes to meals and nutrition, we strive to offer the best. By providing our residents with 3 meals each day, snacks at least 3 times within the day, and adequate hydration round the clock, we keep our friends in good health.

Additionally, interactions with our residents don’t stop during mealtime. Who doesn’t love a chit-chat during a meal?

Our staff continues to create interactions and beautiful memories with residents as they dine throughout the day. We also encourage independence and socialization with other residents in a safe and welcoming dining environment.

Training and Certification Programs For Team Members

To give our residents the best care possible, we religiously vet and train our team members, and support their continuous learning and development.

Only caregivers who are specialized and/or trained in Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other cognitive impairments are hired. Additionally, by extensively training caregivers in-house following our personalized care approach, we are able to keep them in the loop of the latest best practices safety and management when caring for our residents.

Family and loved ones aren’t left out when it comes to training as they are an integral part of our personalized care approach. Therefore, we invite family members for specialized training and support programs.

Family Partnership

Once and again, we have realized that one of the toughest decisions for a family to make is entrusting the care of their loved ones to someone else.

At Blissful Living, we understand that family members may experience feelings of helplessness, guilt, and even loss when they entrust the care of their loved one to a care center. These feelings are deepened when the family has been the sole caregiver for the loved one as they cope with memory loss.

To help make this transition easy, we provide coaching and resources to families to adapt to this change. Usually, family caregivers may be involved in helping their loved one in Activities of Daily Living. Once they have transferred their loved one to our center, they realize they can establish a bond again with them, and are happy to let us handle the overall wellbeing of their loved one.

Additionally, our partnership with families helps us establish positive relations and excellent communication between families and their loved one. By having a variety of social events and conferences, we encourage families to become involved as we all partner together to ensure their loved one get exceptional care.

Innovation and Wellness

At Blissful Living, we strive to be at the forefront of developing or adopting innovative programs and platforms to help enhance the quality of life of our residents. These innovations will be adopted to complement our residents’ needs and different stages of their disease.

When it comes to wellness, we offer a holistic approach, by not just focusing on providing the mundane activities of daily living, but by supporting the whole person. The result is making each resident function independently as much as possible and at their highest potential.

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