Companion Living

Companion Living is not just about reducing expenses. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond and connect, nurture and support and expand your family!

Companion Living

Companion Living, one of Blissful Living’s many distinctive senior living programs, pairs residents with similar interests and experiences to share a suite. The advantages of having a roommate are numerous, ranging from reducing feelings of isolation through social interaction and friendship to providing a financial benefit to both residents.

Why Companion Living?

Seniors have always had a Companion to share their lives with, whether it was a parent, sibling, spouse or roommate, etc. According to studies, the need for social interaction is critical to the well-being of seniors.

Below are the benefits of Companion Living.

Reduce Expenses

Ease the financial burden without compromising privacy and comfort

Ease the transition

Knowing you have a companion will help ease the worry or difficulty of leaving home and your family.

Form Bonds, Create Connection

Companion livings help to facilitate genuine friendships and relationships within the community.

Nurture and Support

Companions look out for each other and support each other in various ways, hence creating a deeper sense of connection.

Enjoy Common Interests

Companions are paired based on similar interests, hobbies, and personalities. This also encourages participation and more involvement in a variety of activities.

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