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Our community is no different from family, with deep bonds and connection between those that live and serve within.

It all began from creating the kind of place we would choose for our families and ourselves…

After serving senior in the memory care industry for 35 combined years, we noticed a gap that we had to fill.

What was this gap?

Seniors living with memory loss where made to live entirely new lives, different from the one they had always known. General care programs was used for every resident, making them live the rest of their lives trying to survive, rather than thrive.

While they might still be shown love, laughter and security, we realized that there was a better way.

To fill this gap, Blissful Living was born. In Blissful Living Seniors living with memory care are not treated with the same general care program, we create individualized programs that revolve around their live – family, career, hobbies, interests and achievements.

This has made us the go-to community in memory loss care, and given our residents the independence to thrive.

15 years later and counting, Blissful Living has strived to be that home away from home for seniors with related cognitive impairments that assists them to live their lives to the fullest regardless of what stage of their disease they are in.

Our Mission

At Blissful Living, our mission is to be the go-to in memory loss care, providing individuals living with memory loss the best care possible, and offering families the assurance they need that their loved one is in the best hands.

For all of us at Blissful Living, we believe that our residents should stop living because of memory loss. We believe that families shouldn’t stop forming connections with their loved ones because past memories cannot be remembered.

We create an environment where those entrusted to our care can love life again, and leave it to the fullest, living the rest of their lives around their life story, creating new beautiful memories, and forming deeper connections with family members.

Because we have first-hand experience of caring for individuals with memory loss, we understand transitioning to a memory care center can produce mixed feelings. We, therefore, strive to provide an inclusive environment where family is integral to ensure their loved one is in the best place.

Mission Statement

To become the premier option for dementia care through our personalized care program, and provide families the assurance they need that their loved one is in the best hands through quality personal service.

Our Cornerstones

Personalized memory care

Restaurant Worthy Dining

Training and Certification Programs For Team Members

Family Partnership

Innovation and Wellness

Experience the Difference

We understand that people living with memory loss face a greater challenge than the rest of us. One of life’s gifts to us is the ability to remember and enjoy past memories. For people living with memory loss, this becomes difficult. But at Blissful Living, all hope is not lost.

Our unique personalized care program – Love Life Again, enables individuals with memory loss to live life to the fullest and enjoy the aging process regardless of their condition. With the Love Life Again Program, we begin by learning all we can about the individual’s life story, including achievements, career, family, cherished memories, interests, and hobbies.  Once we have this information, we design a care program that revolves around their life story. This creates a familiar environment of love comfort and security where residents can thrive.

Additionally, our caregivers are now able to form interactions with each resident based on their life story that resonates with them on a deeper level. This is why we call our residents’ friends, because, we form a profound connection with them by recreating memories they cherish and seeing them beyond their present condition

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