Assisted Living

We offer residents a variety of amenities, and opportunity for social activities to give them a wholesome experience, keeping them active and engaged daily. Visit out community today, or speak to an expect to find out more.

Assisted Living

At Blissful living, we understand that at every point of an individual’s lifetime, different levels of care will be required. With this understanding, we strive to provide each resident personalized care designed to suit their needs at every point of their lives as they age. One of such levels of care is our Assisted Living program.

Most older adults will require some form of senior care at some point in their lives. Health issues such as limited mobility, complicated medication schedules, and poor vision can make it dangerous for the adult to continue living independently.

Although many people think of nursing homes when they think of senior residential care, assisted living may be a wiser choice for seniors who require some help and support in their everyday life but do not require continuous medical care.

Our unique approach to assisted living

Blissful Living’s Assisted Living Community brings a unique approach to assisted living. Rather than providing a one-fits-all care program, each resident is offered personalized care and provided services that focus on their unique personal needs.

Our friendly and caring staff provide assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) including bathing, eating, dressing, medication supervision. Because we believe seniors should leave their lives to the fullest, we offer a wholesome experience that includes a complete lifestyle enrichment program. This provides opportunities for residents to get active by either partaking in a favorite hobby or trying out something new, 7 days a week from dawn to dusk.

We also include opportunities for socializing with other residents and even family members on a daily basis. This gives residents that sense of companionship and comradery. Our fun-filled and engaging activities include shopping, dining at favorite restaurants, sightseeing, baking, gardening, crafts, and even music. We value family; so family and friends are always welcome to our community on a daily basis to provide support and companionship to residents.

It’s our unique approach and laser focus on creating an environment where seniors can thrive that has enabled us to create a community that is unrivaled in all of Seber.

Blissful Living Makes Everyday Living Easier

Our focus is on helping our seniors enjoy their lives even though they may not be able to live as independently as they want.

We do this by providing:

Licensed nurse and physician as part of our staff

Round the clock licensed supervision

Medication services

Healthy diets and special diets if needed

Guest services

Registered Dietician consultation

Snacks/coffer bar 24/7

All utilities other than phone, including, TVs, computers, etc

Social and leisure programs 24/7

Fitness center

Full-Service Beauty Salon

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